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Kurnool  District   is a district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India, located in the west-central part . The city of Kurnool is the headquarters of the district. It has a population of 4,053,463 of which 28.35% were urban as of 2011. It occupies 10th and 2nd place in terms of area in Largest Districts of India[3] accounting for 17,658 square kilometres (6,818 sq mi) and 53rd place in terms of Population in India. Telugu is the official as well as the most widely spoken language in Kurnool. Languages such as Kannada and Urdu are spoken by a tiny minority of the population in Kurnool.


  At   present     Kurnool   District   comprises  3 Revenue Divisions, 54  Revenue Mandals 53    Mandal Parishads,    One  Municipal     Corporation ,   3   Municipalities,     899 GramPanchayats(Notified – 7, Non notified – 862 ) ,   920 RevenueVillages and 615 HamletVillages.


               Nallamalas and Erramalas are the two important  mountain   ranges in   the   district running in parallel from North  to South.   The  Erramalas   divide   the  district   into  two   well defined tracts   from   East to   West.  Between Erramalas and Nallamalas   lies   the  Eastern  part of  the district  comprises  Nandikotkur,  Pagidyala,Kothapalli, amulapadu,  Atmakur,  Velgodu, Jupadu Bunglow,  Midthur,   BandiAtmakur,  Gadivemula,  Nandyal,  Mahanandi, Panyam, Banaganapalli,  Owk,  Koilakuntla,  Rudravaram  and ChagalamarriMandals.  This  tract is crossed by the crest of kurnool and Pennar,   watershed  at   the  North part of the  Pagidyala mandal at about 1000 above the sea level. From  this height the ground  slopes to   the South along  the      river Kundu till it  traverses    into   Pennar  valley.  Major     part of  its  tract   is predominantly black cotton soils

Kurnool district occupies an area of approximately 17,658 square kilometres (6,818 sq mi), comparatively equivalent to New Caledonia.[10]

The village of Ternekal lies within this region.

Kurnool is surrounded by districts of Mahbubnagar district  of Telangana to the north, Anantapur sitrict, Kadapa district to south,Praksam district  to east and Bellary of Karnataka  to the west.

The Nallamalas and Erramalas mountain ranges in the district run parallel from the North to South. The ranges divide the district into two tracts crossed by the kurnool and Pennar rivers. The North Pagidyala mandal is about 1000 above sea level. From this height the ground slopes to the South along the river Kundu until it traverses into the Pennar valley. Major part of its tract is black soil. Between the Erramalas and Nallamalas lies the Eastern part of the district comprising numerous villages and towns including:

Chief Minister
Sri. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu