Agriculture Technology Management Agency

ATMA is an autonomous institution at district level, transferring the advanced technical information to farmers, through the department of Agriculture and Allied departments like Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Sericulture and Fisheries. The Honourable District Collector is Chairman, Project Director-ATMA is convenor and District level officers of Agriculture, Allied departments and farmer representatives are members of Management Committee in ATMA. At divisional level Assistant Director of Agriculture acts as Convenor, Divisional and Mandal level officers of allied departments and progressive farmers are members of Block Technology Team to review and implement the programmes under ATMA. Progressive farmers from Block Farmer Advisory Committee & District Farmer Advisory Committee will participate in designing various programmes at block and district level respectively.

Various extension activities like Training programmes, Demonstrations, Exposure Visits, Farmer Scientist Interactions, Kisan Melas, Awards to farmers, Formation of Farmer Groups, Exhibition of Flowers, Fruits and Farm Machinery are being organised through ATMA by the Agriculture and Allied departments.

For designing various programmes at division and district level the proposals are invited after conducting a Farmer Advisory Committee Meeting at block level. Proposals are sent with the approval of Block Farmer Advisory Committee to district level. The activities to be conducted at district level will be added to the consolidated activities from all blocks and with the approval of District Farmer Advisory Committee and Governing Board, District Action Plan is prepared.erning Board, District Action Plan is prepared.


Action Plan for the year 2018-19
S.No Department Proposed Budget
1 Agriculture 133.90
2 Animal Husbandry 40.10
3 Horticulture 49.97
4 Sericulture 4.16
5 Fisheries 3.44
Total 231.57


Funds received for the year 2018-19 under ATMA for organising various Programmes till date.
SL no Details of the Activity Budget released
1 Trainings 9.5
2 Demonstrations 10.50
3 Exposure Visits 9.00
4 Mobilization of FIG/WIG/Fos/Cos/FCs 1.00
5 Kisan Mela 2.00
6 Information Dissemination 1.25
7 Farmer Scientist Interaction 0.40
8 Designate expert support from KVK/SAU at District level 0.24
9 Field days 1.65
10 Farm Schools 3.19
11 Innovative Activities 4.50
Total 43.23


Funds Released  to BTTs for the financial year 2018-19 till now for organising various activities.
S.No Details of the Activity Units Budget Released
1 Skill Development Training Programmes 3 1.26
2 Kisan Kalyan Karyashalas 11 11.00
3 Organising Yeruvaka Punnami

a.MLA Constituency Level

13 2.6
b.District Level 1 1.5
4 Training on Awareness of Pink Boll Worm and ICM in Cotton 33 1.65
5 Organising Demonstrations in Ground Nut/RedGram with new drought tolerant varieties 76 0.85
6 Organising Demonstrations with Hydrogel reducing moisture stress in rain fed crops. 75 1.05
7 Conducting Workshops at AMC level on 1st to 16th of every month from 16th July2018.(5 Workshops) 55 4.125
8 Conducting Demonstrations on various crops according to local needs by BTTs 12 5.16
9 Organising various programmes in convergence at KVK Banavasi & KVK Yagantipalli under REF (Research ExtensioFarmer Linkage). 50 1.50
10 Exposure Visit to “International Agriculture and Horticulture Expo”, New Delhi. 1 0.57
Total 259 31.265


Through KVK Yagantipalli, CRMP (Comprehensive Revival of Millets Programme) is being organised from the year 2016-17 in Bethamcherla and Banaganapalli mandals for increasing the area, production, consumption, marketing of millets and supply of processing machinery of Millets in the district.

Along with these programmes DAESI (DIPLOMA IN AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICES TO INPUT DEALERS) with a duration of one year is being organisedand at KVK BANAVASI consisting of 40 members in one batch. Thus two batches are being organised at present.

Further APDMP “Andhra Pradesh Drought Mitigation Project” (Pallejeevam) is started from present financial year 2018-19 with ATMA as Nodal Agencywith a duration of 5 years in 21 scarce rainfall mandals identified in the disrict and various programmes such as Natural Resource Management activities, Improved Rainfed Crop Management practices, promotion of Back Yard Poultry, common grazing lands for small ruminants and providing night shelters  for them etc are being organised trough NGOs ARANYA & CSA. FPOs (Farmers Producers Organisations) are promoted in villages though which all these activities are organised by NGOs.

Source:Project Director
ATMA, Kurnool