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About Us
Andhra Pradesh Government has issued G.O Ms No 414 dated 04.06.2007, establishing a Mission called MEPMA , for formulating strategies to implement poverty reduction programmes in urban areas.

Mission Goal:

All the 30 lakh poor families will have improved quality of life by accessing services from all organizations through their own strong self-reliant and self-managed institutions.

Objective of the Mission :
To enable the urban poor particularly the poorestof the poor to eliminate poverty and vulnerability in a sustainable manner and improve their quality of life in urban areas.

MEPMA is registered as society under AP societies registration act bearing No: 1120/2007 dated 10.7.2007.

An overview
The Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA) is a Government of AP Society forming  part of Department of Municipal Administration & Urban Development.  It was launched on 1st September, 2007 by the then UPA Chairperson.  Sri. Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy Garu, Hon’ble Chief Minister  of Andhra Pradesh is the Chairman of Governing body whereas Sri. Botsa Satyanarayana Garu, Hon’ble Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department is the Vice Chairman.  The Principal Secretary, Municipal Administration, is the chairman of MEPMA’s Executive Committee.  Mission Director, MEPMA, and her team implement the urban poverty alleviation schemes.  The district units are headed by Projects Directors.

Empowerment of urban poor women, especially those residing in slums, is the main objective of MEPMA.

District MAP:

MEPMA Provides services in 9 Urban Local Bodies

  1. Corporations – 1 No. i.e., Kurnool
  2. Municipality – 5 Nos. (i.e., Nandyal, Adoni, Yemmiganur, Dhone & Nandikotkur)
  3. Nagara Panchayath – 3 No.  (i.e., Atmakur, Allagadda, Gudur)

MEPMA (Urban) – Operational  Area

  • Total Urban Population   –        14 Lakhs
  • Total House Holds             –         61 Lakhs
  • of Slums                                –        489
  • Total Slum Population       –        34 Lakhs
  • Total No.of Slum HouseHolds    –        99 Lakhs
  • Total No. of Town Level Federations    –        14
  • Town Level Federation Corpus    –        63 Lakhs
  • Total No. of Slum Level Federations  –        730
  • Slum Level Federations Corpus    –        18 Lakhs
  • Total No. of Self Help Groups    –        19820
  • Self Help Groups Corpus           –        55 Lakhs
  • Total Self Help Groups Members           –        204217

Components of MEPMA

  1. Social Mobilization and Institution Development (SM&ID)
  2. Financial Support ( SHG Bank Linkage, SEP &Streenidhi)
  3. Livelihoods
  4. Shelter for Urban Homeless (SUH)
  5. Support to Urban Street Venders (SUSV)
  6. Social Security (PMJJBY, PelliKanuka& ABH)
  7. Health & Nutrition (HN)

Social Mobilization and Institution Development (SM&ID)

  1. Formation of Self Help Groups (SHG) with poor unorganised women 10 to 12 Members.
  2. Formation of Slum Level Federations (SLF) with 15 to 25 SHGs.
  3. Formation of Town level Federations (TLF) with 40 SLFs.
  4. The Revolving Fund is provided to the Self Help Groups (SHGs) to inculcate the habit of thrift and credit. The revolving fund also builds institutional capacity of the SHGs in managing funds. The revolving fund would form part of the corpus along with their own savings. The revolving fund can also be used for internal lending and interest may be charged similar to interest charged for lending from out of their own savings.
  5. Each SHG will get Rs. 10000/- and Each SLF will get Rs. 50000/- as Revolving Fund.
  6. Resource Organization:
    • Being the lead state in SHG movement, MEPMA is hand holding other states in CBO strengthening.
    • MEPMA is assisting in identifying, Training Local CRPs and Formation of SHGs, SLFs and TLFsin Other States.

SMID :: Community Based Organisation Structure

  • Responsibilities of TLF
    • Support services to SLFs
    • Secure linkage with Govt. Depts
    • CB of SLFs and SHGs
    • Social security & risk management
    • Development of social capital
    • Total TLFs in the District : For more details please visit: Click here
  • Responsibilities of SLF
    • Support services to the SHGs
    • Arrange line of credit to the SHGs
    • Credit rating & Audit of the SHGs
    • Social action and link with finance Institutions.
    • Access services at Slum level
    • Monitoring the group performance through
    • SLF Resource person
    • Total SLFs in the District : For more details, please visit Click here
  • Responsibility of SHG
    • Thrift and credit activities
    • Group level poverty reduction plans
    • Total SHGs in the District :
    • Total SHG Members in the District: For more details please visit: Click here

Financial Support ( SHG Bank Linkage, SEP &Streenidhi)

Lending to SHGs (SHG Bank Linkage):

  1. Bank lending to SHGs should be included in branch credit plan, block credit plan, district credit plan and state credit plan of each bank. Utmost priority should be accorded to the sector in preparation of these plans. It should also form an integral part of the bank’s corporate credit plan.
  2. As per operational guidelines issued by NABARD, SHGs may be sanctioned savings linked loans by banks (varying from a saving to loan ratio of 1:1 to 1:4). However, in case of matured SHGs, loans may be given beyond the limit of four times the savings as per the discretion of the bank.
  3. For more details please Click Here

Self Employment Programme (SEP)

  1. This component will focus on financial assistance to individuals/groups of urban poor for setting up gainful self-employment ventures/ micro-enterprises, suited to their skills, training, aptitude and local conditions. The component will also support Self Help Groups (SHGs) of urban poor to access easy credit from bank and avail interest subsidy on SHG loans. The component will further focus on technology, marketing and other support services to the individuals, group entrepreneurs, SHG members and Urban street vendors/ hawkers engaged in micro enterprises for their livelihoods. The component will also facilitate credit cards for working capital requirement of the entrepreneurs.
  2. Pattern of Financial Assistance: The financial assistance available to urban poor in setting up individual and group enterprises will be in the form of Interest subsidy on the bank loans. Interest subsidy, over and above 7% rate of interest will be available on a bank loan for setting up of individual or group enterprises. The difference between 7% p.a. and the prevailing rate of interest will be provided to banks under NULM. Interest subsidy will be given only in case of timely repayment of loan. Suitable certification from banks will be obtained in this regard.
  3. For more details please Click Here


  1. StreeNidhi credit cooperative Federation Ltd., was promoted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh and Town Level Federation to provide Livelihood Finance to SHG women. StreeNidhi provides timely and affordable credit to the poor SHG women as a part of the overall strategy of SERP for poverty alleviation.
  2. SHGs are comfortable to access hassle free credit from StreeNidhi as and when they require and therefore do not see any need to borrow from other sources at usurious rates of interest. StreeNidhi is in a position to extend credit to the SHG women even in far flung areas of the state within 48 hours to meet credit needs for Livelihood activities. As credit availability is linked to grading of TLFs and SLFs, community is keen to improve functioning of the same to access higher amount of credit limits from StreeNidhi.
  3. For more details please Click Here

YSR Aasara :-

YSR Asara Scheme benefits-

  • All loans taken before 11-04-2019 the loan outstanding pertaining to the women’s shgs would be waived.
  • The amount of RS 15000 crore will be given to the 89 lakh self-help DWCRA women in the state.
  • Under the YSR Aasara scheme, the female DWCRA group will get about 50,000 per annum with no interest.
  • The state government will pay the interest of loans given to self-help groups.
  • This money will be released to the self help groups (DWCRA) directly in four different stages.


Livelihood Units  :

To achieve women empowerment, all the SHG women are encouraged to establish livelihood units and thus to enhance their living standards through Bank Linkage, SthreeNidhi and from the Corpus of the SHGs.

Annual Target (Units) Target (1st Quarter) Achievement % of Achievement
50000 12490 8682 69.51

Entrepreneur Development Programme (EDP) Trainings :

MEPMA providing EDP trainings on convergence mode to SHG women on large scale through identified organizations in self-employment and wage employment activities viz., Advanced Tailoring, Food Processing, Jute product, Handicrafts, Readymade garments, Glass Paintings, Bangle making and Catering etc.

Annual Target (members) Target (1st Quarter) Achievement % of Achievement
32000 8001 10060 125.73

Employment Through Skill Training and Placement (EST&P) :

The main aim of the scheme is to provide skills training to the urban poor for sustainable livelihoods and placement and thus to increase the income of the urban poor by providing salaried employment or self-employment opportunities.

Target Trained Total Placement % of Achievement
3000 2256 1094 62.98


Mepma Bazar are being organized every month in 9 ULBs of Regular to create Market to revenue to the SHGs and nearly 30 to 42 SHGs are availing this opportunity and the average sale each mepma bazar is  around Rs.40000/- to Rs.50000/- per day.

City Livelihood Center (CLC):

  • City Livelihood Center (CLC) are established to address the gaps in availability of services to the urban poor and to create a platform where the urban poor can offer their goods and services in an organized manner to the potential buyers.
  • The CLC would bridge the gap between demand and supply of the goods and services.
  • The CLC enables urban poor to access information & business support services.
  • 2 City Livelihood Center (CLC) established at Kurnool, Nandyal .
  • Services at CLC- Plumbing, Electrician, Tailoring, Beautician, Carpentry, Painting etc.,


Generic drugs and medicines are sold over the counter at exorbitant rates by large pharmaceutical companies and private retailers so much so that the profit margins between dealer price and the Maximum Retail Price ranges anywhere between 50% to 100% or more. Given this scenario, it is being sought by the GoAP to create awareness amongst the poor that the high prices of branded medicines are not necessarily justified. These shops are established by the Town Level Federations to provide quality generic medicines with low cost to the poor people.

Generic Medical Shops :   3

  • Dhone – 1
  • Kurnool – 2

Prime Minister’s JAN AUSHIDHI Medical Shops :  2

  • Dhone                   – 1
  • Nandyal                – 1

Support for Urban Homeless (SUH) :-

  1. The National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy (NUHHP), 2007 aims at promoting sustainable development of habitat in the country with a view to ensuring equitable supply of land, shelter and services at affordable prices to all sections of the society. However, the most vulnerable of these are the urban homeless.
  2. The urban homeless persons contribute to the economy of the cities and thus the nation as cheap labour in the informal sector; yet they live with no shelter or social security protection. The urban homeless survive with many challenges like no access to elementary public services such as health, education, food, water and sanitation.
  3. Objective:-
    • Ensure availability and access of the urban homeless population to permanent shelters including the basic infrastructure facilities like water supply, sanitation, safety and security;
    • Cater to the needs of especially vulnerable segments of the urban homeless like the dependent children, aged, disabled, mentally ill and recovering gravely ill, by creating special sections within homeless shelters and provisioning special service linkages for them;
    • Provide access to various entitlements, viz. social security pensions, PDS, ICDS, identity, fi nancial inclusion, education, affordable housing etc. for homeless populations;
Target Achievement No. Of inmates % of Achievement
10 8
Kurnool – 3(2-(Both Men & Women), 1 (Women)
Nandyal – 1 (Both Men and women)
Adoni    –  1 (Both Men and women)
Yemmiganur –  1 (Both Men and women)
Allagadda –  1 (Both Men and women)
Nandikotkur-1(Both Men and women)
245 61

Note: One SUH at Nandyal ULB Yet to be Started  and One SUH at Dhone ULB Building Identified

For more details please Click here

Support to Urban Street Venders(SUSV):-

Street vendors constitute an important segment at the bottom of the pyramid of the informal economy in cities. Street vending provides a source of self-employment and acts as a measure of urban poverty alleviation. Street vending also has a prominent place in the urban supply chain and provides inexpensive and convenient access to goods and services to all segments of the population including the poor. Street vending is therefore an integral part of the economic growth process in urban areas.

The objective of the component is to address the vulnerabilities of the urban street vendors through a multi-pronged approach. This includes:

  • Survey of street vendors and issue of Identity Cards
  • Development of city street vending plans
  • Infrastructure development of vending zones in the city
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Access to credit
  • Linkages to social security schemes
No. of Street Vendors Identified ID Card Issued Accounts Opened No. No. of JLGs Formed (5 Members) Loan Amount in Lakhs Total Members
5564 4729 975 91 68.26 486

For more details please Click here



In the year 2016 the Government of AP have notified accident death and disability Insurance Scheme to the all the unorganized workers in the State. The said scheme came into operation w.e.f. 02.10.2016.In the 2 nd year the scheme was converged with Central Government Schemes with more benefits has been launched by the Hon’ble Chief Minister on 02.10.2017.

The main object of the scheme is to provide relief to the families of unorganized workers in case of death or disability of the unorganized worker leaving the families in great distress.


All unorganized workers in the State in the age group of 18 to 70 years, drawing monthly wage of Rs.15,000/- per month or less enrolled through PrajaSadhikaara Survey are eligible under the Scheme.

Scheme component Age group Natural Death Accident death Total disability Partial disability Scholarship
PMJJBY 18 – 50 2,00,000 5,00,000 5,00,000 2,50,000 1,200
AABY 51 – 60 30,000 5,00,000 5,00,000 2,50,000 1,200
PMSBY 61 – 70 5,00,000 5,00,000 2,50,000

Eligibility Criteria
For more details please visit YSR Bima Website

YSR PelliKanuka:-

The scheme has been launched for the backward classes community to give them financial assistance for the wedding of their children and thus to get rid of them from difficulty in arranging funds for their children’s marriage.

For more details please visit YSR PelliKanuka Website

Abhayahastham :-

Dr. YSR AbhayaHastham is a co-contributory pension for the SHG women, which provides social security to its women subscribers and for incomesecurity (pension) in their old age. The Scheme is backed by the Andhra Pradesh Self HelpGroups (SHG) Women Co-contributory Pension Act, 2009.

The Scheme has commenced from 1st November 2009. It was launched by the then Hon’ble Chief Minster at a state level function held at Chevella, Rangareddy district on 1st November 2009 in united Andhra Pradesh.

For more details please visit YSR Abhayahastham Website


Health & Nutrition:

Nutrition is the science of food and Food plays an important role in health as well as in disease. With the current increase in lifestyle disorders around the world, it is important to promote healthy nutrition in all age groups.  Improving eating habits is not just for an individual but for the whole population..

MEPMA is playing a vital role in implementing Health and Nutrition in urban areas and the following schemes are being implemented through MEPMA for the Good Health of urban SHGs and their families.


MAS in one of the key interventions under National Health Mission aimed at promoting community participation in health at all levels, including planning, implementing and monitoring of health programmes. MAS is expected to take collective action on issues related to Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation and social determinants at the slum level.


  • Provide a platform for convergent action on social determinants and all public services directly or indirectly related to health.
  • Provide a mechanism for the community to voice health needs, experiences and issues with access to health services.
  • Generate community level awareness on locally relevant health issues and to promote the acceptance of best practices in health by the community.
  • Focus on preventive and promotive health care activities and management of untied fund.
  • Support and facilitate the work of community service providers like ASHA and other frontline workers who form a crucial interface between the community and health institutions.
  • Provide an institutional mechanism for the community to be informed of various health programmes and other government initiatives and to participate in the planning and implementation of these programmes, leading to better health outcomes.
  • Organize or facilitate community level services and referral linkages for health services.

Awareness camps being conducted by the MASs :

  • MASs are organizing awareness Camps on ; Kitchen gardens, Cancer, Personal hygiene, Swachhabharath, Hand Wash, Organ donation, IMR & MMR, Global warming and conducting of Health Camps.
  • MASs formed in Kurnool
Sl.No District MAS – I MAS – II
Target Achv Target Achv
1 Kurnool 245 229 245 215
2 Adoni 88 88 88 87
3 Nandyal 93 93 93 92
4 Dhone 32 32 32 32
5 Yemmignaur 61 61 61 61
Total 519 503 519 487
Staff Working in DPMU & ULB’s:
Sl. No Name of the DPM Unit/ ULB Name of the Employee Designation Date of  Joining Regular/Outsourcing Contact Number
1 DPM Unit Sri V.Thirumaleswara Reddy Project Director 28.08.2019 Government Employee on Foreign Service 7901610399
2 DPM Unit Sri A.V.Subrahmanyam Accountant/
Administrative Officer
01.08.2019 Government Employee on Foreign Service 7901610402
3 DPM Unit Sri S.Nagaraju Senior Assistant 01.03.2019 Government Employee on Foreign Service 9398413972
4 DPM Unit Sri  J.Ramulu District Mission Coordinator (DMC) Health & Nutrition 01.02.2018 HR Employee 7901610401
5 DPM Unit Sri G.Zelan Basha Technical Expert (TE)-Livelihood 05.04.2012 HR Employee 7901610344
6 DPM Unit Smt P.Prameela Rani Technical Expert (TE)-Bank Linkage 05.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610374
7 DPM Unit Sri V.Hussaianiah Community Organizer Kunrool ULB (Social Security Incharge) 06.06.2009 HR Employee 7901610398
8 DPM Unit Sri N.Gaffar Khan Data Entry Operator 01.05.2012 HR Employee 7901610397
9 DPM Unit Kum E.Pushpalatha Junior Assistant 25.04.2011 HR Employee 7901610400
10 DPM Unit Sri B.Jambu Lingam Office Assistant 24.03.2011 Outsourcing Employee 9701043065
11 DPM Unit Sri K.Venkatesh Office Messenger 06.01.2010 Contingent basis 9885765645
12 DPM Unit Sri B.Ramanaiah Night Watchman 01.10.2012 Contingent basis 9701145377
13 Kurnool Sri G.Murali City Mission Manager/
IB Incharge
05.09.2009 HR Employee 7901610396
14 Kurnool Smt P.Vijaya Bharathi Town Mission Coordinator (TMC) -1 07.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610342
15 Kurnool Sri C.Venkateshwarlu Town Mission Coordinator (TMC) -2 05.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610385
16 Kurnool Smt T.Shanta Kumari Town Mission Coordinator (TMC) -3 05.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610351
17 Kurnool Smt K.N.Sujatha Community Organizer 07.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610350
18 Kurnool Smt Md.Archana Community Organizer 01.06.2009 HR Employee 7901610346
19 Kurnool Smt R.Suvarnamma Community Organizer 06.06.2009 HR Employee 7901610363
20 Kurnool Smt G.Saroja Community Organizer 06.06.2009 HR Employee 7901610362
21 Kurnool Smt R.Sarala Devi Community Organizer 06.06.2009 HR Employee 7901610347
22 Kurnool Smt D.Pushpavathi Community Organizer 23.04.2011 HR Employee 7901610349
23 Kurnool Sri Chakali Ashok Kumar Community Organizer 22.10.2017 HR Employee 7901610386
24 Kurnool Sri Banda Nagesh Community Organizer 24.07.2017 HR Employee 7901610391
25 Kurnool Smt A.S.Sabeeha Sulthana Community Organizer 22.10.2017 HR Employee 7901610352
26 Kurnool Sri A.Riyaz Basha Community Organizer 01.10.2008 HR Employee 7901610353
27 Kurnool Smt N.Sreedevi Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610357
28 Kurnool Smt Shaik Fathima Bee Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610354
29 Kurnool Smt Gangavaram Ademma Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610364
30 Kurnool Smt G.Ravi Kumari Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610359
31 Kurnool Smt S.Venga Lakshmi Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610358
32 Kurnool Smt Elluru Saritha Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610356
33 Kurnool Smt K.Sireesha Rani Community Organizer 24.07.2017 HR Employee 7901610361
34 Kurnool Kum S.Shakeera Data Entry Operator 01.05.2018 Outsourcing Employee 7901610343
35 Kurnool Sri K.Pradeep
(He appointed in Yemmiganur ULB, working in Kurnool ULB)
Data Entry Operator 01.05.2018 Outsourcing Employee 7901610384
36 Nandyal Smt S.Saralamani City Mission Manager 05.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610393
37 Nandyal Smt R.Sujatha Town Mission Coordinator (TMC) 01.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610348
38 Nandyal Smt K.Lakshmi Devi Community Organizer 16.12.2009 HR Employee 7901610367
39 Nandyal Sri P.Chandra Vidya Sagar Community Organizer 24.07.2017 HR Employee 7901610373
40 Nandyal Sri G.Idurus Basha Community Organizer 24.07.2017 HR Employee 7901610369
41 Nandyal Smt Narsari Hima Bindu Community Organizer 04.12.2017 HR Employee 7901610372
42 Nandyal Smt K.Lakshmi Kumari Community Organizer 04.12.2017 HR Employee 7901610360
43 Nandyal Sri G.Sreenivasulu Data Entry Operator 01.10.2008 HR Employee 7901610368
44 Adoni Sri M.Veera Reddy Community Organizer 07.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610381
45 Adoni Sri G.Md.Javeed Hussain Community Organizer 29.05.2009 HR Employee 7901610375
46 Adoni Smt Kamle Lalitha Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610376
47 Adoni Smt B.Anithamma Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610377
48 Adoni Smt I.Krishnaveni Community Organizer 01.12.2008 HR Employee 7901610380
49 Adoni Sri Narra Venkata Subba Reddy Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610392
50 Adoni Sri M.Taher Basha Data Entry Operator 09.02.2019 Job Work Basis 7036227842
51 Yemmiganur Sri M.Sudhakar Town Mission Coordiantor (TMC) 05.01.2008 HR Employee 7901610366
52 Yemmiganur Sri L.Pullaiah Community Organizer 01.12.2008 HR Employee 7901610382
53 Yemmiganur Smt P.Narayanamma Community Organizer 27.07.2009 HR Employee 7901610379
54 Yemmiganur Smt Gopi Reddy Aruna Community Organizer 24.07.2017 HR Employee 7901610383
55 Yemmiganur Smt P.Arunamma Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610378
56 Dhone Smt.M.Sameena Begum City Mission Manager 10.02.2012 HR Employee 7901610403
57 Dhone Smt P.Jayanthi Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610371
58 Dhone Smt Nagarani Community Organizer 24.07.2017 HR Employee 7901610387
59 Dhone Sri G.Suresh Data Entry Operator 05.12.2017 Job Work Basis 7989406382
60 Gudur Sri N.Surya Narayana Town Mission Coordinator 02.03.2019 HR Employee 7901610365
61 Gudur Smt Maddamma Community Organizer 08.02.2019 Outsourcing Employee 9959793260
62 Gudur Sri G.Vijay Kumar Data Entry Operator 02.07.2012 Job Work Basis 9603441826
63 Atmakur Sri G.Jayavardhan City Mission Manager 01.08.2009 HR Employee 9505488671
64 Atmakur Smt.K.Pamuletamma Data Entry Operator 01.07.2012 Job Work Basis 7794934258
65 Nandikotkur Kum Y.Prameelamma City Mission Manager 10.02.2012 HR Employee 7901610406
66 Nandikotkur Sri Srinivasulu Mummadi Community Organizer 24.07.2017 HR Employee 7901610390
67 Nandikotkur Sri A.Vinay Kumar Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610355
68 Nandikotkur Sri Nanda Kishore Data Entry Operator 01.05.2018 Job Work Basis 8919413454
69 Allagadda Smt P.Shobha City Mission Manager 12.01.2012 HR Employee 9701385416
70 Allagadda Smt Dudekula Hussain Bee Community Organizer 14.11.2017 HR Employee 7901610394
71 Allagadda Sri Chatla Venkata Subbaiah Community Organizer 22.10.2017 HR Employee 7901610370
72 Allagadda Sri S.Gunu Sekhar Data Entry Operator 08.08.2019 Job Work Basis 8497969207
V.Thirumaleshwara Reddy
Project Director
MEPMA – Kurnool District.