Yemmiganur famous for the handloom weaving:

It is a great town for the handloom cloth production. The weavers are poor, and hard workers. In a house they worked the whole family on loom. 70 % percent of people depend on handloom weaving. Weaving is a one of the great arts. There they producing a good quality of sarees. It is an ancient occupation of this town people. They produce the different type of sarees. Cotton printed sarees and silk zari, sarees are available there. The length 5,6,7 meters of sizes. The wedding sari rate is Rupees between 5000 to 15000.

They’re not only produced the series, but also bed sheets and shirts are made there. The handlooms are two types. One is pit looms and second one is frame loom. Master weavers, own weavers and cooly members are there. There the weavers are earning Rupees between 250 to 350. Assistants must be there for rounding for the spindle job and warp work. The it is not a seasonal job. Looms weaved by the both man and woman. Mill made is the great computation to this handloom. The new generation had no interesting about of this job.