The vision of the department in Andhra Pradesh is formulated in a pragmatic manner keeping in mind the twin objectives of maintaining public order and augmenting State revenues. In a situation where neighboring States have relaxed their prohibition policies, it has been found impracticable to implement the policy of total prohibition successfully in Andhra Pradesh. Hence, the middle course of selling only Indian Made Foreign Liquor in retail vending shops is being practiced in the State. State Excise Department is the second largest revenue collecting or revenue earning department in the State.

The department not only collects revenue through excise duties, but also has a major responsibility of controlling spurious liquors. The department has a huge enforcement personnel working under department’s Intelligence Bureau, which enforces Excise Department’s various Acts and Rules in controlling Illicitly Distilled (I.D) liquors, detecting Non-duty paid liquor and prevention of evasion of Excise revenue.


The State Excise Department is headed by the Excise Commissioner, who is assisted by one Additional Commissioner, Joint Commissioner of Excise dealing with Head Quarters Administration and other important matters. Two Joint Commissioners of Excise, located in the Head Office, will assist the Excise Commissioner in respect of Distilleries, Breweries. The Director of Enforcement also assists the Excise Commissioner in enforcement matters.

There are 13 Districts in Andhra Pradesh. One enforcement wing will work for each District headed by one Asst. Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise. The enforcement wings of the department deals with enforcement activities like controlling I.D. liquor, detecting Non-duty paid liquor and prevention of sale of spurious liquors in the market etc,.

As per the directions of Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise, at the district level, the Deputy Commissioners of Excise will lookafter issue of licenses to IML  licenses, collection of Excise duties and fee as well as enforcement activities. Officers of the rank of Superintendent of Excise / Assistant Superintendent of Excise / Inspector of Excise assisted by other staff are posted to Prohibition and Excise Stations, Enforcement, Task Force, Distilleries, Breweries units to supervise the manufacture and issue of duty paid liquor and to enforce other excise laws. The department also has a Regional Chemical laboratory headed by a Chemical Examiners who examine samples of all types of liquors and certify.


The Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise is the Head of the Department. The Commissioner is assisted by Joint Commissioner, Director of Enforcement and  a State Task Force conducts surprise inspections and random checking.

The Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise assists the Government in formulating policies and implementing policies on Prohibition and Excise. He is the authority vested with the power of granting the privilege and licences to establish a distillery for the manufacture of spirit and also to grant privilege for the manufacture of IMFS / Beer with the prior approval of the Government in accordance with the rules.


At the district level the Deputy Commissioner District supervises excise administration. He has various statutory powers and responsibilities under the Act and Rules. The Deputy Commissioner is assisted by an Assistant Commissioner (Excise) in the in all the districts. Distilleries and IMFS / Beer manufacturing units Bonded with Chemical units and bonded warehouses to supervise the proper use of spirit and to levy excise duty on excisable articles under the AP Excise Act.

Kurnool District Organogram:Excise Organogram


In pursuance of the orders issued in G.O.Ms.No. 1563, Revenue (Ex.II) Department, Dated: 18-18-2005 r/w G.O. Ms. No. 11573, Revenue (Ex.II) Dept., Dated: 20-08-2005, Kurnool Division comprises of Kurnool Revenue District with 54 Mandals. The District is divided into (2) Excise Districts headed by Excise Superintendents with H.Qs at Kurnool and Nandyal. This Division is having border with other districts viz. Anantapur, Cuddapah Prakasham and Mahaboob Nagar. Kurnool District is also having border with Karnataka State covering (7) Mandals, viz: – Nandavaram, Mantralayam, Kosigi, Kowthalam, Adoni, Holagunda and Halaharvi.


Excise Map Kurnool

S.NO. Name of the Excise District Name of the Station Name of the Mandal
(1) (2) (3) (4)
(1) KURNOOL Kurnool Kurnool, Kallur,Orvakal
Kodumur Kodumur, Goudur, C.Belagal
Nandikotkur Nandikotkur,Midthur, Pagidyala,Jupadu Banglow
Adoni Adoni Municipality,Kowthalam
Kosigi Kosigi, Peddakadabur
Yemmiganur Yemmiganur including Municipality, Nandavaram, Mantralayam
Alur Alur, Chippagiri, Holagunda, Halaharvi, Aspari
Pathikonda Pathikonda, Devanakonda, Gonegandla, Maddikera, Tuggali
(2) NANDYAL Nandyal Nandyal, B. Atmakur, Thimmapuram / Mahanandi, Panyam, Gadivemula
Allagadda Allagadda, Chagalamarri, Sirivella,  Gospadu, Rudravaram
Koilkuntla Koilkuntla, Dornipadu, Uyyalawada , Kolimigundla, Sanjamala
Banaganapalli Banaganapalli, Owk
Atmakur Atmakur, Velugodu, Kothapalli, Pamulapadu, Sunnipenta
Dhone Dhone, Krishna Giri, Veldurthy, Bethamcherla, Peapully

The Kurnool Revenue Division is divided into (2) Territorial Prohibition & Excise Districts each headed by Prohibition & Excise Superintendents assisted by the Assistant Prohibition & Excise Superintendents.


There are (9) Check Posts in Kurnool Revenue District.

Out of 9 check post the following check post were in Kurnool Excise Dist.

Border Check Posts in Kurnool Excise District :
Sl.No. Name of the Border Check Post Name of the Station limits in which Check Post is situated Places connected by the routes through the check post
1 Chatragudi Alur Ballary – Alur
2 Holagunda Alur Siriguppa – Alur
3 Peddaharivanam Adoni Siriguppa – Adoni
4 Bapuram Adoni Hacholi – Adoni
5 Madhavaram Yemmiganur Rayachur – Adoni
6 Naguladinne Yemmiganur Gadwal – Yemmiganur
7 Thungabadgra(ICP) Kurnool As per G.O. Rt.No. 677 Revenue (Ex-II)Dept. dt:2.6.2014 were sanctioned for bordering Dist. of Telangana.
8 Sunkesula Kurnool
Border Check Posts in Nandyal Excise District :
Sl.No. Name of the Border Check Post Name of the Station limits in which Check Post is situated Placeses connected by the routes through the check post
1 Ligalagattu Atmakur Srisailam – Mahaboob Nagar Dist
Sl.No. Name of the Mobile party Places covered
1) Yemmiganur 11 Mandals, Viz : Yemmiganur, Mantralayam,Nandavaram, Kosigi, Kowthalam, Adoni, Alur, Holagunda, Chippagiri and Halaharvi.


  • IML administration:
  1. There are 206 A4 shops & 46 2B Bars are in Kurnool Revenue District.
  2. P.Tourism(TD1)
  3. Kurnool Club (C1)
  4. Military Canteen, B- Camp, Kurnool.
  • M/s. SPY Agros, Udumalpuram (V), Nandyal (M):

It is a spirit producing distillery situated in Survey No.153-165 at Udumalpuram(V) of Nandyal, Kurnool District in LicenceNo.26,  dt:26-12-2007 for production of Extra Neutral Alcohol by using Maize, Broken Rice, Jawar on fermentative base for industrial purposes wholly or partly with annual production capacity of 4,69,00,000 BLs and the D2 (RG) licence was renewed for the year 2019-20.

  • M/s. S.P.Y. Agro industries Limited (Bottling Unit) , Udumalpuram (V), Nandyal (M),Kurmool Dist.

It is a IMFL production  producing distillery situated in New Industrial Estate Survey No.514,518,576&470 part of AIIC, Udumalpuram(V) of Nandyal, Kurnool District in Licence No.  15/2016 Dt: 20-07-2016,  for production of IMFL by using ENA ,Malt and Flavors on as per Excise base for industrial purposes wholly of partly with annual production capacity of  10,00,00,000 PLs and the D2 (MGO) licence was renewed for the year 2018-19 vide Commissioner of Proh. & Excise, A.P., Vijayawada Cr.No:H3/2556/2018/CPE/Ex   Date:27.03.18.

List of Mathonol Units in Kurnool District:-

  1. SRHH, Gondiparla (V), Kurnool (M)
  2. SRAAC Ltd, Gondiparla (V), Kurnool (M)
  3. Hepta Chem Pvt. Ltd., Adoni.
  4. Star Neo Chem Pvt. Ltd., Adoni.


  1. HPFS
  2. Eradication of Belt Shops

.  The Commissioner of Proh. & Excise, A.P. Vijayawada has informed that the Government have introduced the track & trace phenomena through HPFS IT tool way backing in 2013 Karvy Data Management Services Ltd. The main objective behind introduction of HPFS is to achieve accountability & transparency at all levels i.e, right from Manufacturing Unit to Depot and from Depot to the Retailer (A4&2B).  HPFS Systems successfully running in all the A4 shops (wines shops) and Bars in Kurnool Revenue District for strictly implementing MRP.


The Government have issued orders in G.O.Ms.No.263 (Rev.Ex(II)) Dept, Dated:8.6.2014 for eradication of un-authorized liquor sales in the State.  In pursuance of the above orders for bringing the awareness to curb consumption or sale of liquor at unauthorized outlets, “Village level Committees, Mandal level Committees and District Level Committees” are constituted under the supervision of District Collector and the respectable persons, of that locality including women are involved in the committees to give information to the Enforcement Agencies. The committees shall meet at village level, mandal level and also district level for effective monitoring of the implementation.  The local SHOs, Enforcement wing, District Task Force are organising the raids and taking effective steps in the eradication of Belt shops in Kurnool Dist.

Further, as per Govt. orders the co-operation and assistance of Police Officials, Revenue Department, Forest Department, Rural and Urban local bodies is taken by the Prohibiton & Excise Authortieis as and cases were booked to control unauthorised liquor sales and villages, Towns, Mandal Head Quarters and Municipalities in Kurnool District.

As per the above instructions (54) Mandal Level Committees and (107) Village Level Committees have been formed in Kurnool District and regular meetings of the committees were held in order to complete eradication of Un-authorized outlets (Belt shops).

Further, the District Level Committees have been constituted and  conducted district level committee meeting under the guidance of the District Collector, Kurnool. The committees formed above are conducting meetings and discussing the control and eradication of un-authorized outlets (Belt shops) in the district.

Further the Commissioner of Proh. & Excise, A.P., Vijayawada has also instructed for eradication of un-authorized liquor sales (Belt shops) with the zero tolerance vide Cr.No.1290/2017/CPE/E3, Dtated: 18.07.2017.

Accordingly, the un-authorized liquor sales (Belt shops) cases have been detected progressively.


on 04-02-2016, the Collector and District Magistrate, Kurnool has launched the  NAVODAYAM programme (I.D. Free Kurnool District) and ordered for formation of I.D. eradication co-ordination committees at I.D. crime villages, Mandal, Division and District Level. Further, in 2018 NAVODAYAM programme enhanced as JAGRUTHI. As per schedule of the programme, the following activities have taken place in the process of NAVODAYAM / JAGRUTHI.

  • Conducting Gramasabhas.
  • Formation of Village and Mandal Level Committees at all ID prone villages.
  • Collecting accused/persons Profiles
  • Conducting Meetings with Jaggery traders :
  • Conduct counseling to bound over persons
  • Adoption of villages by the Officers
  • Conducting Raids / Route Watches / Cases booked/Bindover persons under 110 & 109 Cr.Pc :
  • Giving wide Publicity / Campaign in all I.D. prone villages and thereby awareness will be created among the Villagers and Persons involved in the Crime about the significance of NAVODAYAM / JAGRUTHI programme.

Status on the progress of NAVODAYAM / JAGRUTHI :

After launching the preparedness stage in the NAVODYAM / JAHRUTHI programme, the Department with the co-ordination of other Departments and  General Public have created an effective atmosphere towards I.D. Free village/mandal thereby district and it is apparently noticed that certain areas the crime has been stopped voluntarily and in certain areas the Department have effectively controlled the crime by conducting raids, booking cases and arresting certain habitual offenders involved in the crime. Therefore, it is hopefully contemplated that all villages may be declared as free from I.D. crime shortly in Kurnool District.


  • e-Office Governance:

In this Department e-office is being successfully implemented  in four units i.e, Office of the Proh. & Excise Superintendent, Kurnool, Nandyal, Asst. Commr. of Proh. & Excise (Enft.,), Kurnool and Deputy Commr. of Proh. & Excise, Kurnool as per the instructions of the Collector and District Magistrate, Kurnool for improving quality of administration and to enhance the transparency and accountability.

  • Bio-metric Attendance System (BAS):

As per the instructions of the District Collector, Kurnool Bio-matric Attendance System was successfully implemented from July 2017 onwards in four units and 14 Proh. & Excise Stations i.e, and 325 employees are registered in our department.

  • CFMS:

CFMS was created by the APCFSS team and it is being implemented successfully from the month of May 2018 in this Department and salary bills mapping every month through CFMS by DDOs concerned.

  • Monitoring SPANDANA website:

Allotted 3 logins to this Department are 1) dc_exise_knl, 2) se_excise_knl, 3) se_excise_nandyal. Monitoring all types of Grievances through SPANDANA website like CM PRAJADARBAR, SPANDANA, CMO CALL CENTER, AMS GRIEVANCES, and action being takes place with immediate effect against the complaint /petition.

  • ECMS (Excise Complaint Management System):

Excise Complaint Management system is an automated web application which is used to manage/dispose complaints in an easy manner. The manual maintenance of Complaint Management System is a tedious job. So to enhance the ease of work our department have opted this Web application.

In the Website our department provided logins from State / District Offices to all Stations in each and every District in Andhra Pradesh. Different types of complaints received from State Command control Room at District Nodal Officer (Deputy Commissioner login) and the flow of the this system is as follows:

Command Control Room

Name of the Officer Mobile Number
Deputy Commissioner of Proh. & Excise Kurnool 9440902236
Asst. Commissioner of Proh. & Excise (Enforcement) Kurnool 9440902268
Proh. & Excise Superintendent Kurnool 9440902572
Proh. & Excise Superintendent Nandyal 9440902582


Name of the Office PHONE NUMBER
Deputy Commissioner Office 08518-221812
Assistant Commissioner’s Office 08518-249294
Excise Superintendent Office, Kurnool 08518-220779
Excise Superintendent Office, Nandyal 08514-226888


The main thrust of Prohibition and Excise Department will be in providing better excise administration. Our Department is making all efforts to control ID liquor/Duty Paid Liquor/Non-Duty paid Liquor/Adulterated Toddy and implementing Stringent Plan of Action every month under NAVODAYAM/JAGRUTHI to make Kurnool District as ID free by coordinating with the Revenue, Police and all other Departments. This will help to prevent loss of life due to illicit liquor tragedies and also maximize excise revenue to Government

Chennakesava Rao