The Sub-Division is divided into Mandals. Kurnool  District Consists of 55 Mandals. Mandal is headed by Tahsildar.

The MRO is vested with the same powers and functions of Tahsildars of erstwhile Taluks including magisterial powers. Mandal Revenue Officer heads the Mandal Revenue Office. MRO provides the interface between the government and public within his jurisdiction. He initiates welfare measures within his jurisdiction. The MRO assists the higher authorities in collecting information and conducting inquiries. He provides feedback to the district administration that helps in decision-making at higher levels of administration.

Other working staff in MRO office are the Deputy Tahsildar, Mandal Revenue Inspector,  Mandal Surveyor, Assistant Statistical Officer and Other Ministerial Staff. The Deputy Tahsildar, supervises the day today functions of MRO’s office and deals mainly with general administration. Most of the files are routed through him. He monitors all the sections in the MRO’s office.

The (Mandal Revenue Inspector) MRI assists the MRO in conducting inquiries and inspections. He supervises the Village Revunue Officers. He inspects crop fields (Azmoish), writes Sharas (field inspection details) in Pahani, collects land revenue, non-agricultural land assessment and other dues and keeps close watch on the villages within his jurisdiction to maintain law and order.

The Assistant Statistical Officer (ASO), who is under the overall control of Chief Planning Officer at the District and Directorate of Economics and Statistics at the State Level, maintains data related to rainfall, crops and population. He conducts crop estimate tests. He inspects crops to submit crop condition details. He prepares periodical reports on births and deaths and assists the MRO in conduct of livestock census, population census and other surveys taken up by the government from time to time. MRO sends reports on above items to the District collector. Later these are sent to the department of economics and statistics and planning department at government level.

The Mandal Surveyor, who belongs to the Survey Settlement and Land Records Department, assists the MRO in survey operations. Chain Man assists Mandal Surveyor in his duties.

As per the administrative reforms the various sections in the Tahsildar Office are

  1. Section A :: Office procedure, financial activities and webland form8 notice generation.
  2. Section B :: Section B: Land Related activities, Civil supplies and Disaster Management
  3. Section C :: Pension Schemes, Salaries, Budget and establishment.
Division wise Mandals details
SNo. Name of the Division Name of the Mandal Phone No Email
1 Adoni Adoni 9849904161 mroadn13@rediffmail[dot]com
2 Adoni Alur 9849904167 mroalur@gmail[dot]com
3 Adoni Aspari 8333988998 mro.aspari@gmail[dot]com
4 Adoni Chippagiri 8333989014 thsildarchippagiri@gmail[dot]com
5 Adoni Devanakonda 8333988958 mrodevanakonda@gmail[dot]com
6 Adoni Gonegandla 8333988959 mroggl1320@gmail[dot]com
7 Adoni Halaharvi 8333989015 bsvt0624918@gmail[dot]com
8 Adoni Holagonda 8333989016 bnarasappa79@gmail[dot]com
9 Adoni Kosigi 8333988996 venusurya95@gmail[dot]com
10 Adoni Kowthalam 8333988995 dgopalrao926@gmail[dot]com
11 Adoni Maddikera 8333989019 tahsildar.mdr@gmail[dot]com
12 Adoni Mantralayam 8333988993 pveeresh91@yahoo[dot]com
13 Adoni Nandavaram 8333988997 mrondvm1304@gmail[dot]com
14 Adoni Pattikonda 8333989017 tahsildarpattikonda12@gmail[dot]com
15 Adoni Peddakadubur 8333988994 rameshvadde1@gmail[dot]com
16 Adoni Tuggali 8333989018 mrotug@gmail[dot]com
17 Adoni Yemmiganur 9849904177 mroygr1321@gmail[dot]com
18 Kurnool Peapully 8333988965 tahsildar_pplly@yahoo[dot]com
19 Kurnool Atmakur 8333988972
20 Kurnool C Belagal 9885422733 tah.cbelagal@gmail[dot]com
21 Kurnool Dhone 9849904174 mrodhone@gmail[dot]com
22 Kurnool Gudur 9849904168 gudurtahsildar@gmail[dot]com
23 Kurnool Jupadu Banglow 8333988970 zakirhussain.s@ap[dot]gov[dot]in
24 Kurnool Kallur 8333988961 kallurtahsildar@gmail[dot]com
25 Kurnool Kodumur 8333988963 ramakishna.bandi@ap[dot]gov[dot]in
26 Kurnool Kottapalle 8333988973 ramakrishna.panyam@ap[dot]gov[dot]in
27 Kurnool Krishnagiri 8333988966 ramasubbaiah.m@ap[dot]gov[dot]in
28 Kurnool Kurnool 9849904173 krnltahsildar@gmail[dot]com
29 Kurnool Midthur 8333988971 tahsildarmro@gmail[dot]com
30 Kurnool Nandikotkur 8333988968 mro.ndk.knl@gmail[dot]com
31 Kurnool Orvakal 8333988962 tahsildarorvakal@gmail[dot]com
32 Kurnool Pagidyala 8333988969 tahsildarpgdl@gmail[dot]com
33 Kurnool Pamulapadu 8333988974 nagendrarao.sutraya@ap[dot]gov[dot]in
34 Kurnool Srisailam 9849741513 sreenivasulu.kv@ap[dot]gov[dot]in
35 Kurnool Velugode 8333988975 mro.vgd@gmail[dot]com
36 Kurnool Veldurthi 8333988967 ramanjula.banavati@ap[dot]gov[dot]in
37 Kurnool Betamcherla 9052882180 tahsildar.bethamcherla@gmail[dot]com
38 Nandyal Bandi Atmakur 8333988977 tahildarbatk1333@gmail[dot]com
39 Nandyal Koilakuntla 8333988984 tahsildarkoilakuntla@gmail[dot]com
40 Nandyal Allagadda 8333988979 tahsildar.alg@gmail[dot]com
41 Nandyal Banaganapalle 8333988991 tahsildarbpl@gmail[dot]com
42 Nandyal Chagalamarri 8333988983 tahsildarcmi@gmail[dot]com
43 Nandyal Dornipadu 8333988979 dornipadu.tah@gmail[dot]com
44 Nandyal Gadivemula 8333988978 tahsildargadivemula@gmail[dot]com
45 Nandyal Gospadu 8333988982 tah.gospadu123@gmail[dot]com
46 Nandyal Kolimigundla 8333988990 kgl.tahsildar@gmail[dot]com
47 Nandyal Mahanandi 9849152599 tahsildar1335@gmail[dot]com
48 Nandyal Nandyal 9849904176 nandyaltahsildar@gmail[dot]com
49 Nandyal Owk 8333988992 owktahsildar@gmail[dot]com
50 Nandyal Panyam 8333988957 tahsildarp@gmail[dot]com
51 Nandyal Rudravaram 8333988981 rdvm2012@gmail[dot]com
52 Nandyal Sanjamala 8333988986 tahsildarsjl@gmail[dot]com
53 Nandyal Sirvel 8333988980 tahsildarsirvel@gmail[dot]com
54 Nandyal Uyyalawada 8333988987 uyy.tahsildar@gmail[dot]com
55 Kurnool Kurnool Urban